House and
bathing rules

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  1. The house and bathing rules serve to ensure safety, order and cleanliness in the Schwanenteich Outdoor Pool.
  2. The house and bathing rules are binding for all visitors. By purchasing an admission ticket, each visitor accepts these rules and all other regulations issued to maintain operational safety.
  3. The facilities are to be treated with care. In the event of misuse, culpable contamination or damage, the visitor shall be liable for the damage.
  4. Visitors must refrain from anything that is contrary to good morals and the maintenance of safety, peace and order.
  5. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. This also applies to electronic cigarettes.
  6. Glass containers (bottles, glasses, etc.) may not be used in the entire facility.
  7. The staff exercises domiciliary rights towards all visitors. Visitors who violate the house and bathing rules may be temporarily excluded from the pool. In such cases, the entrance fee will not be refunded.
  8. Non-swimmers with swimming aids are only allowed in the swimming or diving pools when accompanied by an adult.
  9. Lost property must be handed in to the staff. Lost property will be disposed of in accordance with the legal provisions (§§ 978 ff. BGB).
  10. Photography and filming of other visitors and groups without their consent is not permitted. For commercial purposes and for the press, photography and filming require the prior consent of the management.
  1. The opening hours and closing times depend on the season and the weather and are publicly announced and posted. The valid prices are also posted at the ticket office and can be viewed there.
  2. The management may restrict the use of the pool or parts thereof. If continuous bathing is not possible due to a lack of staff, the swimming pool attendant may order a half-hour break.
  3. Access is not permitted for:
    • Visitors who are under the influence of intoxicating substances,
    • Visitors who have animals with them,
    • Visitors suffering from a notifiable communicable disease or open wounds.
    The staff is entitled to expel such visitors from the facility.
  4. Children up to the age of 7 are only allowed to enter and stay in the pool if accompanied by an adult. Visitors with a tendency to seizures or fainting spells, or visitors who are unable to move or orientate themselves safely without assistance, are only permitted to enter and stay in the pool with a suitable escort.
  5. Every visitor must be in possession of a valid admission ticket. This must be kept for verification purposes until the visitor leaves the pool and must be shown on request. Lost admission passes will not be returned. No replacement will be provided for lost entry passes. When leaving the pool, the admission ticket loses its validity.
  1. Visitors use the pools as well as the play and sports facilities at their own risk, without prejudice to the obligation of the operator to maintain the pools and their facilities in a safe condition. Every visitor must be prepared for the typical dangers of bathing by exercising increased caution. The operator shall not be liable for force majeure and accidental events or for defects that are not immediately detected even when exercising the usual care.
  2. The operator is not liable for the destruction, damage or loss of objects brought into the facility.
  3. The operator or its vicarious agents shall only be liable for personal injury, damage to property or financial loss in the event of intent or gross negligence.
  4. There is no liability for valuables and cash.
  5. If liability claims are asserted, the case of damage must be reported immediately in writing to Wirtschaftsbetriebe Mühlhausen GmbH, Windeberger Landstraße 73, 99974 Mühlhausen.
  1. Exercise games and sports (including those without balls and equipment) may only be played in the areas provided for this purpose.
  2. Swimming pools may only be entered after thorough cleaning of the body.
  3. Jumping is at your own risk. When jumping, it is essential to ensure that
    • the diving area is clear
    • only one person enters the diving board and the diving tower
    The responsible supervisory staff decides whether a facility is open for jumping.
  4. Jumping into the pool from the side, pushing or throwing other visitors into the pool, as well as swimming under the diving area when the diving area is open is prohibited.
  5. Hygiene rules and principles of conduct must be followed as a matter of urgency. In the event of non-compliance or refusal to comply, visitors may be banned from the premises or from the pool.
  6. Visitors are not permitted to use musical instruments, sound or image reproduction devices or other media if this causes a nuisance to other visitors.
  7. Food and drinks may only be brought in for personal consumption. Bringing in alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Food and drinks brought into the catering area/bistro may not be consumed.
  1. The house and bathing rules apply to general bathing operations. Exceptions to these house and bathing rules may be permitted for special events without the need for a special waiver of the house and bathing rules.

Martin Fromm
(Managing Director)
Mühlhausen, 01.02.2021